How do I recieve a proposal?

The vast majority of our quotes are given online. By filling out a contact form we can find images of your home via Google earth. We then use those images to provide our customers with fast, free proposals.

What is included in the proposal?

The 3 Kings proposal will be broken into labor and materials. Returning customer would obviously only receive a labor quote. Each quote includes 3 Kings installation services, maintenance, removal, and materials purchased.

3 Kings does not provide storage of materials, but we will box everything up nicely for easy at home storage.

When will I know my installation date?

3 Kings does not provide Christmas light installation dates because our service is weather dependent. Instead we provide an installation deadline. Customers that pay their deposit will receive a deadline installation date and we do everything in our power to have the lights installed before this date. We have 3 different deadlines Thanksgiving, December 1st and December 10th (last day of installations). We will notify customers at least 48 hr. prior to installation.

We do offer premium installation date reservation for an additional fee

Will 3 Kings Install the decor I already own?

In order to maintain a high level of consistency and quality we are unable to install lights or decoration which are not provided by 3 Kings to the project.

Does 3 Kings have minimum project size?

Durring the Christmas season, 3 Kings has a $1,500 minnimum project size. For offseason jobs, there is no project minnimum.

What is 3 Kings service Area

3 Kings service area includes Buckhead and the surrounding areas. In order to maintain a high level of service, we have had to drastically reduce our service area.

If your project is north of Atlanta, try contacting

If your project is south of Atlanta, try contacting

Do you provide interior decorating services?

3 Kings is currently focusing on providing the best outdoor holiday lighting services in the Atlanta market. To do this we must focus on what we do best. We currently do not offer interior decorating services.

What type of materials do you use?

We only use the highest quality LED lights and commercial decor. The quality is much higher than what you can purchase at a local box retailer. All lights are custom fit to the clients home and provide a clean, elegant look that you will love.

Can you provide custom decor elements to the project?

Custom decor elements such as commercial Christmas trees, custom colored lights, nutcrackers are not provided by 3 Kings.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, 3 Kings carries both liability and workers compensation policies.

Why are you installing Christmas lights so early in the year?

My Dad always said it was better to be early than late. Same is true with Christmas lights. In order to get everyone’s lights up and ready to be flipped on the day after Thanksgiving we have to start installations early.

Our installation season starts on October 1st. don’t worry, the lights will be turned off and are barely noticeable. We do provide premium installation date reservations for $1,000.

Is there any way I can have lights installed the week before Thanksgiving?

Yes! Some people hate "Christmas creep" and do not want their lights installed too early or too late. We understand. We are now offering a premium installation date reservation for $1,000. You pick the date, and we will be there.

Do you have any recommendations if 3 Kings calendar is full?

We highly reccomend Ernesto at (678) 296-6140 He opperates in a simular territory as 3 Kings and is a quality contractor.

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